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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

100th Day of School Color by Code Addition and So Much More!

It's uploaded! My "100th Day of School Color by Code Addition and So Much More!" file is now in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. This was a fun file to create! What is in this file? Take a look below to find out!

Click on the next picture to go to my store to take a close look at the file:

Click on the next picture to snag the freebie from this file:

In case you are wondering, the cute bow hat page is included in the paid file!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sneak Peek! 100th Day of School!

I have always loved the 100th day of school. Why? I'm not sure... Maybe because it's a great opportunity to do lots of fun activities that keeps the kiddos engaged while they are learning without realizing it! Can you guess what file I'm working on now? If you guessed "100th  Day of School Color by Code Addition and So Much More" you're right! Here's a peek at one of the activities that will be included in the file.

The picture shows a hat that is adorned with a bow that has 100 dots! The bow is attached to a sentence strip that has been decorated with 100 tally marks. My kiddos have always loved wearing silly hats on the 100th day of school. I'm sure this hat will be a big hit with the girls. 

My latest file is ready and it's for sale on TPT!
 Click on the picture to go to my TPT store.

 Click on the picture to to to my TPT store.

You can also find a free sample from this file at my TPT store too! Follow the link below the next picture to grab your freebie.

I had soooo much fun making this file! Here's hoping that others love it as much as I do.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yep, I's been awhile!

Happy New Year!

Did you make a New Year's Resolution? I did...
It's to blog at least once a week. I certainly hope to keep this resolution!
So much has happened in my life since I last blogged. The most important event was:

Henry "Braxton" Bridges was born! I'm a Nonna now!

The next important event was:

After 33 wonderful years teaching K-2, I retired!

I'm really enjoying retirement! I thought I would have more time to spend on TPT files, but being Braxton's Nonna takes up a lot of my time!

Speaking of Teachers Pay Teachers, this is the file I'm working on and hope to get posted ASAP:

Winter themed Color by Code Addition 0-20

That's it for now...
I hope you have a Blessed New Year!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to School...

It's back to school with the kiddos tomorrow! It's a happy and sad time for me...I have missed my school kids, but I am really going to miss sleeping late!
Over Christmas break, I was busy working on TPT files. Drawing clip art and frames for my files is a new addiction! I updated my January Morning Work packet. I added 30 pages plus spiffed up a few of the old pages with new boarders. Take a look at a couple of the new pages:

Do you have an iPad? My iPad is my favorite toy! I have an iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini. I love them all! The app that I use to draw my clip art and frames is called ArtStudio. There was a little bit of a learning curve, but I have gotten rather comfortable using it for my creations. 
ArtStudio app

There is one more thing that I would like to share with you before I log off to watch the BCS National Championship football game. I "LOVE" Kid Snippets. This Drivers Ed clip is one of my favorites. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm back!!!

Good bye 2013...Hello 2014!!! I'm back!
I'd like to introduce you to a new TPT store...
This store belongs to my youngest daughter Mollie Roberts. She is just getting started in TPT; please show her some love and visit her store. She has 2 really useful free files in her store. The first that I'd like to spotlight is a Snowman Craft Pattern. I have made this craft with my kiddos...they loved it!

 The next file is...

Simple Addition Color by Numbers... Five cute addition color code pages are included in this file.
Good Luck Baby Girl!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Showers Umbrella Pattern...freebie!!!

For those of you that read last Wednesday's post, you know that I had planned to post an April Showers umbrella glyph...I'm sad to say that I did not get the glyph finished. (Sorry!) But I do have the  umbrella pattern uploaded to my TpT store for you to download for free!

Click on either of the pictures above to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to download your free pattern.
I am linking up on Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Thank you for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Showers Bring... Umbrellas!

I'm sure you have heard the old saying "April showers bring May flowers". Well, I think we will get ready for some April showers. Today I created an April Showers glyph that I plan on sharing with you on Monday. I'll give you a little sneak peak of what to expect on Monday below.

My kiddos had so much fun making their umbrellas! We have used up all of our glue sticks... so we had to use the dreaded bottles of Elmer's glue. Why can't students just use a little dab of glue!!! Some of my little angels tried to use a whole bottle of glue to attach just one raindrop! (I'm exaggerating...but really, they do not seem to understand the difference between just a dot of glue and a huge blob of glue!) 
I think the raffia bows add just that extra bit of flair that makes the umbrella craft stand out. My next craftivity will be...did you guess May flowers? If you did, you are probably correct!

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