Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snowman Craft

The kids and I had sooooo much fun today. We made snowmen! No, not real snowmen. 
This was the kind of snowmen that kids from South Georgia get to make. 
I found a "recipe" on Pinterest that sounded really interesting. It called for equal parts glue and shaving cream. 

One of my little angels thought the shaving cream was whipped cream! I explained the difference...

I mixed the glue and shaving cream by hand. Sure, I could have used a spoon...but that would not have been as much fun!

The kids came to the reading table and traced around a snowman template. After the tracing is when the real fun began! Finger painting with glue and shaving cream...good, clean, fun!!!

Nope, I couldn't resist...I had to join in!

After we had our glue and shaving cream snowmen painted on the construction paper, we set them aside to dry. We will wait until Friday to finish up our creations. I'll be sure to add pictures of the finished snowmen. 

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