Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Puddles, Phonics, and Pictures...

    Puddles- It has been a very rainy week so far in South Georgia! Puddles are everywhere. There is even a rumor going around that school might be cancelled tomorrow because of the road conditions. Many of our country roads are still dirt. With all of the rain, the roads become one big mess! The buses slip and slide into ditches, or just get stuck in the mud. Keep your fingers crossed for more rain! I would love to sleep late in the morning. (Update-After getting the 5:45 AM call from my assistant principal and then calling all my grade level teachers to let them know school was canceled, I got my wish! I went back to sleep and slept until 10:30! Sections of many dirt roads were washed away or under water.)
     Phonics- The sneaky "e" finally showed up in our room today during reading. My kiddos really enjoyed me telling them about how sneaky "e" like to play jokes on the other vowels. He slips up beside the "p" in cap...then very sneakily reaches over and pinches "a" just to hear her say her name. Thus cap becomes cape! They had fun lining up and acting out several other words.
     Pictures- My oldest daughter is getting married 6-15-13. She and her fiance had their "Save the Date" pictures made this past weekend. Out of almost 500 pictures, this is the one they liked best:

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